Welcome to Youve Got It Maid of Newport Beach, California. Weve been providing residential maid services for the Newport Beach area for over 35 years. No contracts, no hassle. Just a clean, comfortable home from Newports maid service of choice.

Flexible, customized residential cleaning plans mean we perform your house cleaning duties so you dont have to. Youll have more time for family activities, taking your child to the beach, taking a drive up the California coastline or doing whatever you and your family enjoy.

We have pride in providing detailed cleaning specifically to your needs. We offer a flexible schedule that enables our customers to choose from a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time cleaning services. We are not a franchise but an independent company, whose goal is to build a relationship with everyone of our clients and provide 100% satisfaction each and every day. We know our customers by their names not by their ID number, which shows we have great respect for our customers.

About Us, You’ve Got It Maid