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Welcome to Youve Got It Maid of Newport Beach, California. Weve been providing residential maid services for the Newport Beach area for over 35 years. No contracts, no hassle. Just a clean, comfortable home from Newports maid service of choice.

Flexible, customized residential cleaning plans mean we perform your house cleaning duties so you dont have to. Youll have more time for family activities, taking your child to the beach, taking a drive up the California coastline or doing whatever you and your family enjoy.

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We offer deep cleaning and Maintenance of your house.
We will clean your house just the way you like it.
We tailor your needs to your likes.Contact Us »


Most of our work.
You’ll love to come home to a clean house.
We offer you a qualified person to keep your house so you don’t have to do it.Contact Us »


This is our passion and specialty.
We do it all.
Laundry of sheets and towels.
Clean and organize kitchen drawers.
Wash and shine the bathrooms.
Clean Kitchen.
Patios and Barbecue.
Live in or live out.Contact Us »


You are moving out?
You want your deposit back?
We can deep clean your house.
We can also clean your windows and carpets.Contact Us »


We offer to clean after your party so you can enjoy and relax.
We also have party servers.Contact Us »


We can clean the mess after your remodeling.
Deep and detailed cleaning.
Power wash and Window service.Contact Us »

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Home, You’ve Got It Maid

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

We strive for customer satisfaction.

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

We are NOT a franchise, we have been independent owners.

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

We clean properties as if we were going to work or live there.

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

We do quality control for your peace of mind.

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

Same House Cleaner You know and Love at Every Regularly Scheduled Visit

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

Professional experience at cleaning recently remodeled residences and vacant ones.

Home, You’ve Got It Maid

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18 Kamalii Ct, Newport Beach, CA 92663
2220 Port Aberdeen Pl, newport Beach CA 92663
(949) 231-0302
(949) 887-3432

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